That Society Uses to Suppress Individuality

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“so, we have a divergence here, who should we listen to?”, a question raised by a Chinese guy who helps new immigrants or international students from China to find jobs, given his working experience as a manager in a local financial company.

“… er, it depends ..” I was thinking about how to put my thoughts into words. …

If We Can Transform Us into Intentional Users as Opposed to Victims of Labeling

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When it comes to labeling, there is a stigma attached to it. We are suffered from the fallacy of composition entailed in those random tags added to us by society and ourselves.

No matter to ourselves, and how compelling we feel to get rid of the curse of becoming the human being we don’t set out to be, the harsh truth is that labeling is and probably will always be prevalent among the crowd.

Because, even without clear consciousness the most of the time, people execute labeling to do themselves favors, briefly.

  • Nobody enjoys…

If you care more about quality than quantity

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In the context of the attention economy, society celebrates the ability to draw eyeballs. Every ordinary person would be perceived as a personal brand; those individuals with a lot of followers build successful brands, by which they make their name influencers. When the quantity means SEO, traffic, influence, only having a couple of genuine friends in your small circle could sound obsolete, but the bright side is you don't need to analyze what topics they are interested in, remind yourself to intentionally interact with them, and be scared to lose their support because true friends will always be there.


Learn how to become a better version of yourself from people you despise

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As an English learner, I like learning English by watching interviews, not only because of the relatively slower talking speed that I can easily catch up with but because of those interviewees’ personal growth paths I’ve been obsessed with.

as an average person, what’s the chance of getting specific insights for me from a person I admire?

Although unique experience and diverse cultural contexts shape their respective extraordinary life, I found as to personal development, they do share something in common — they like to talk about the important one in their life, such as a mentor, a philosopher, an…

Not manipulation or compromise

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Carpooling is beneficial for both environment and commuters. The downside of the location-based arrangement, however, is to accept your fellow passengers passively. I was lucky because only one among the other carpool group participants was a pain in my ass.

I failed to articulate why I tended to avoid her, maybe only because of her high-pitched tone? To hide the fact that I probably was a hyper-critical person, I’d been consciously or hypocritically maintain a friendly relationship with her, at least on the surface, until one day she wanted to go shopping after school rather than going home as usual.

By debunking three myths about being alone

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One , published in Social Psychology, showed that a combination of constructive alone and social experience best serves a person’s well-being. , who conducted the study, pointed out that “ each type of social setting contributes much-needed, unique advantages.”

However, due to the long-lasting social stigma of being alone, such as the and other diseases, the prospect benefits of being alone are often ignored.

At the core, it’s some prevalent myths about being alone that have been holding us back from leveraging solitude to our advantage. …

“put yourself in their shoes.”

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Living in a high-paced society and getting exposed to countless information every day, we have to find effective ways to make wiser decisions.

However, both knowledge and experience, the two primary wisdom sources, require time and intended accumulation.

That’s why sometimes people resort to prevailing opinions and blindly believe in the masses. We’re convinced that the popularity of these views can guarantee their correctness.

Yet, entirely depending on popular beliefs would lead to mental laziness, a status where people automatically accept the face value of things to avoid more in-depth exploration and contemplation.

Consequently, we would fail to leverage these…

Brief anatomy of a sales person’s success


With the ability to manage to sell 15,000 lipsticks online in 15 minutes, Austin(Jiaqi) Li wins himself the nickname “king of lipsticks.” By leveraging his significant influence — over 80 million followers across various social networks — the 27-years-old has built his online empire, creating much more revenue than many shopping malls and achieving a net worth of between US$1 million and US$5 million within merely two years.

Austin Li’s achievement, especially in a conservative culture, is so phenomenal and extraordinary that numerous networks are intrigued to interview and report on him to decipher his success.

These reports majorly attribute…

The lesson I learned after healing from a toxic relationship

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The aftermath of breakups could be quite intricate.

When my college love gave in the long-distance, I felt sad and disappointed in ourselves for not sticking to our original promise.

When my old boyfriend had to drop out of university and move back to China because of his mom’s health concern, I, for the first time, sensed the unpredictability of life and helplessness of our love.

Overall, in whatever breakup situation, I walked through a recovering phase as much as I anticipated. …

Letting go of old beliefs, you can ignite the desire within to discover the truth.

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With the never-ending flood of information we are exposed to every day, we easily fall into the illusion that we’re getting more erudite every day.

However, not all or truth. In a world where misinformation spreads rampantly, if we are not careful to properly regulate and validate new information we are exposed to, we may fall victim to our own ignorance, thereby sabotaging ourselves and the world we love.

To conquer ignorance, we need to walk through our everyday life mindfully.

Here are five scientifically proven methods that will help you overcome ignorance, or…

Weylie Li

A Chinese residing in Canada; I write about personal development, Chinese culture, and my life in a new country.

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